The best way to find yourself, is by losing yourself in Service to Others......

~ Mahatma Gandi


EXCITING NEWS:  We are expanding our Veteran Therapy Program, by opening it up to the spouses of our Brothers and Sisters in Arms.  We would like to especially extend this invitation to our Gold Star Husbands and Wives.  The spouses of our military are "Warriors" in their own right, and we would like to extend the offer of the program to you as well. 

 Photo Credit: 2012

Photo Credit: 2012

Coming from a family full of those who have chosen to serve in our nations military, it is near and dear to my heart to serve those who have chosen to make the ultimate commitment to our nation by serving in our military.  

I have first hand experience with PTSD and the benefits that mindful body work can bring to those suffering from anxiety or depression.   Whether the trauma is physical or emotional, the body often responds with the same physiological symptoms. Bodywork and Fascial Stretch Therapy are very effective in calming the nervous system, relieving anxiety, and bringing greater self and body awareness to clients dealing with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and difficulty sleeping or relaxing.   

If you know of a Veteran or Active Duty Service member in need of treatment, please contact us via telephone or our Contact page to the left to inquire about availability for enrollment in our Veteran Therapy Program.   Space is limited but,  I do what I can, and hope to expand the program within the next year.