First move well...THEN move often.
— Gray Cook

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Vox Bodyworks is based on the concepts found in the work of Thomas Meyers "Anatomy Trains," and Gray Cook's "Functional Movement Systems."  A way of thinking about the body not as individual muscles, but as a single unit, a beautiful machine, with a thousand parts all working in unison.  When that harmony is lost, we develop movement patterns that will cause us difficulty, discomfort, or eventually injury.   We want to help you prevent discomfort and injury, so that you can be your strongest most functional self. 

The "Functional Movement Screen" is an option for all clients in their initial consultation.  We take you through a series of basic movements that help us assess where you may have tightness, repetitive motion injury, or poor movement patterns. This helps us to know how to approach your areas of opportunity holistically. 

Following your initial visit to Vox Bodyworks, we develop a program that will focus on mobilization and then incorporate corrective strategies and postural education to take home with you, to help you find your balance and strength.  Whether your goal is strength, or performance, or just moving around without pain, we can help!


Helping your body find it's voice through mindful bodywork and the wisdom of holistic health from around the world, to aid you in greater self awareness.