64/64 Challenge Day 14

As many of you know, Vox Fit Denver has challenged all our Vox Fitters and anyone else who would like to join us for the 64/64 Challenge. If you are raising an eyebrow and asking yourself what the heck I am talking about...here goes.

64 Days of 64 Burpees!  We do it as a Tabata Interval, which is 8 rounds: 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.  In each 20 second work interval we try to complete 8 Burpees. It's only 4 minutes of your day, but a high intensity 4 minutes for sure!

We started the challenge on January the 15th.  But you are welcome to join us at any time. :-)

I have been working the challenge along with everyone and I have to say, I am seeing RESULTS!  The challenge is meant to be mentally, physically, challenging as well as our a practice in "dedication to ourselves."  It's long on purpose.  Fitness isn't about a two week period.  It's a lifestyle change.  To wake up every day and know that you are going to be active in some way. 

So far here are the biggest changes I have seen: 

1. SPEED:  In the beginning I was using the entire 20 seconds to complete 8 burpees.  Today....I completed them in 13 SECONDS!!!!  That is a 7 second gain on my speed. 

2. STAMINA:  Not only am I completing them faster, but I am doing it with a LOT more gusto.  Today the first round and the last round felt very similar.  In the beginning I was pretty much toast by the last burpee of round 8.  Not anymore. I get to the end and I am thinking, "Wow, I think I could do more...."

3. CONFIDENCE:  After two weeks of our daily "Burpee Bonanza," I find that I look at any workout and think, "Whatever...I got this!"  Even after all these years as a trainer, I still dread some workouts...I still get tired, fatigued, and want to hide out on my couch for the day.  A big part of this challenge is knowing that not only am I counting on myself to do the challenge, but that others are counting on me too....we are in this together!

4. PANTS:  Last, but not least.....my clothes fit better.  Most of you know that I hate scales!  I generally think that you should throw  yours out the window.  I don't own one...so I couldn't tell you what my weight has done since starting the challenge.  What I can tell you is that I can see shifts in my body.  My pants are fitting a little looser and my shirts too.  That is better than a number on a scale ANY day in my book. 

I know that so many of you are also seeing changes and experiencing shifts in mindset.  I am so incredibly excited for everyone!  I can't wait to see what next few weeks feel like for us all!  Remember that we are a team.  We are in this together, and we need to be here for eachother.  Connect with the other people doing the challenge with you.  Swap numbers, friend eachother on FB.  Get together and complete the challenge together.  Part of the "power," of VOX Fit, is our community! 

Keep it up guys!  I am so excited for everyone involved, and stoked to hear about all your experiences with the challenge.  Please feel free to comment and share!  Also, make sure to share and like this on FB.