Believing is half the battle....

Two years ago, after months of training for my first Tough Mudder, I jumped the wall and waited excitedly, and just a little bit terrified as they ramped up the crowd waiting for our heat to begin. I had heard the stories, and knew I had a big day ahead of me. I was about to run, crawl, jump and subject myself to electric shock over the course of 13 miles and a vertical climb of over 3,000 feet. And we were already sitting at an elevation of 8,500 ft. With over 20 obstacles ahead of me, only one had me scared. I had been terrified of the Mudder Monkey Bars at first glimpse of the photograph. Over the months I had been working pull-ups, grip strength and tuck hangs on the bar. With only the slightest hope of completing the obstacle in my minds eye. As far as I was concerned it was slim, but there was a sliver of hope. As we approached the bars, after hours of running and ice cold baths and the Death March, I was close to the end of my rope. I looked at the bars for several minutes, debating doing it at all. As I stood there, and watched several men lose their grip and fall in the murky water, I told myself, "You'll never make it Dina, just walk around. No one would blame you." I stood there and watched my husband fly across the bars and wave me over as he yelled encouragement. I hold myself again, "You're too tired. You'll never make it..." I watched a few more people and thought it over a little more, and in that moment, I changed my story. "Whatever! Maybe you can, the worst that can happen is I fall." I reached forward and grabbed the rung in front of me. I took a deep breath and just went. Maybe I would fall maybe I could get at least half way. Maybe just maybe I could do it. Rung by rung, I moved up towards the apex of the bars....gaining a little more belief with every bar I grabbed. Before I knew it I was past halfway! Todd was cheering me on! "Almost there Babe! Keep comin'!" As I grabbed the last rung, a huge smile crossed my face and I placed my feet on the ground with weakend knees. Tears streaming down my face I jumped in elation, exclaiming with a weak "Yes!!!!"

In that moment it didn't matter who saw me. Nor did any of those discouraging voices find their way in. In that moment belief had turned into success.

I first had to believe it was possible. One rung at a time, it was possible. Failure is always a possibility. The other side of that coin however, is success. You have to flip it, to get there. Take the chance. Maybe you fall, but as long as you get back win!